Dr. E… Erik Fisher, Ph.D.
Emotional Dynamics Expert
Psychologist, Media Consultant, Author

Leading Emotional Dynamics expert, Erik Fisher, Ph.D., aka Dr. E…, has been changing the lives of children, teens and adults for two decades. As a psychologist, media consultant and author, his unique and creative approach to his work has earned him the respect and accolades of his clientele, his colleagues, and the media. As a resource to the media, he has appeared on networks such as CNN, HLN, CNN-I, FOX Networks, NBC, The Weather Channel and AccuWeather, being a part of events that have changed the world, and providing his quick–hitting insights and advice on everything from International traumas to cultural issues, the state of the American family, bullying, and many other events. Whether he is discussing the purpose of emotion, the use of dichotomies of Good-Bad, Right Wrong, Strong-Weak, or Win-Lose in our culture, or addressing common roles in life that are played, such as Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer or Instigator, many events in life can be understood by most. Giving the power of knowledge to the masses is his goal. From interpersonal and family struggles and bullying to politics, war and terrorism, he offers insights in a manner in which most are able to understand.

On the radio, he has been providing interviews for more than 20 years on stations across North America and has been interviewed for countless print articles in magazines, from Parents to Cosmopolitan, and newspapers across the country from The Atlanta Constitution to the Chicago Tribune to the L.A. Times. Dr. E… has two published books, The Art of Empowered Parenting: The Manual You Wish Your Kids Came With and The Art of Managing Everyday Conflict: Understanding Emotions and Power Struggles and proposals for three book concepts and animated series.

Play has always been an integral part of Dr. E…’s work with kids and adults. It is through the process of play that he has reached many of those who seemed to be out of reach and has been the subject of a CNN segment on his unique style of work. In 2017 , Dr. E… has had the honor of becoming a Genius Expert for The Genius of Play, a Toy Association initiative that is focused on teaching the benefits of play, learning valuable life skills and providing helpful tips and pointers for parents to engage more with their kids in their play. He and his daughter, Grace, had the pleasure of providing videos on the various benefits of play, and he is engaging people across the U.S. with his insights on the power of play. Dr. E… also speaks on behalf of The Genius of Play and was part of an expert panel at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, speaking on the intersections of play, technology, and family and how to navigate these murky waters.

In regard to his work with non-profits, he has been on the Board and was CEO of the Board of Directors for Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett, B.O.D. for the Innovative Health Foundation, Secretary for the B.O.D. of The ArtReach Foundation, Medical Advisory Board Member for the Worldwide Syringomyelia and Chiari Task Force, and Advisory Board Member for The Heart School in Haiti. For the past five years, Dr. E… has traveled to Haiti to deliver Community Building Workshops to community leaders and young adults to educate them on how to build more durable community relationships for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.
For more information, please feel free to review his website at www.DrEPresents.com, and you can review his YouTube page at www.youtube.com/drerikfisher.

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