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If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

Posted on 20, January 2010

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Some of you may be thinking, “Dr. E…, you’ve got that all wrong. It’s supposed to be ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.” Well let me tell you all, we’ve got trouble… right here in River City…with a capital T that rhymes with P… (sorry, I digress). But seriously, we do have problems that we need to face in our culture, and consistently we don’t face them. We close our eyes, turn our deaf ear, blame others, play the victim and look to be rescued, and often pick sides on issues that directly affect us all that does nothing [&hellip

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Brokeback Brutus

Posted on 22, December 2009

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year… college football bowl season. I am loving it already, and my Buckeyes have not even boarded the plane to Pasadena. The following poem was written as a result of a bet on last years Fiesta Bowl. I found it to be quite a journey in writing it and found out that it actually has become part of the Ohio State Football scrapbook. I hope you will enjoy, and hope for a much better outcome in the Rose Bowl.  Stay tuned for the blogs to come in 2010. Go Bucks!!! It was the [&hellip

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Let The Idols Fall Where They May…

Posted on 12, December 2009

in Category Idols, Imposter Syndrome, Integrity, Media, Society, Uncategorized

…And another one bites the dust. In the past few weeks another idol fell from Grace, and their humanness was exposed. Tiger Woods fell from the ranks of the untouchable. Please understand, I don’t say this in any sarcasm or disrespect to Tiger, I say it as an observation on a culture that creates idols out of humans that can only fall from grace. Whether or not it is the media, our desire for fame and sensationalism, or our tendency to hold people we admire up to unrealistic standards, I see the issues of our fallen idols as much of [&hellip

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Let The Lambs Be Silent No More

Posted on 25, November 2009

in Category & Rescuers, Bullies, Society, Uncategorized, Victims

So I think we all can say that we have been bullied in our lives. Some of us fight back, and many of us don’t. In my last installment, I discussed the potential consequences of not standing up and speaking out. Standing up to the bully does not have to be with a fight, and does not have to be done alone. To understand our reactions to bullies, as kids or adults, we have to go back in time. We may not want to realize it, but as I stated in the last installment, we often feel like kids when [&hellip

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Like Lambs to the Slaughter

Posted on 12, November 2009

in Category Bullies, Uncategorized, Victims

I continually look at society to see where and how we need to change to make this a better place. Just as often I look at myself. This past weekend, I witnessed a very disturbing event that some of you may question why it bothered me so much??? Well, it goes like this. My wife and I are part of a condominium association, and we traveled to where our condo is for the annual meeting. This year the meeting was well attended, more so than in previous years, because of the activity that had occurred throughout the year on the [&hellip

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Judgment vs. Observation: Don’t Rush Now…

Posted on 10, October 2009

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I recently wrote an article discussing Love versus Judgment that proposed the idea that Love and Judgment are opposite of each other and raised the question of which one leads us to truth? There are many varied opinions that can be offered on this discussion of Love and Judgment, but it is doubtful that there is one truth on this front, just as in many things in life. The discussion of judgment has come up many times in my work with people, because I personally see that judgment can be very damaging. Judgment is often based in incomplete information and [&hellip

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Love Versus Judgment: Which Way to Truth?

Posted on 22, September 2009

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I had an interesting talk with a client once about judgment and the influence that it had on their life. It really got me thinking – and it doesn’t take much to get me thinking. The discussion we had headed toward the concepts of Love versus Judgment. Through this discussion I felt that we came to some powerful insights, for them and for me. Perhaps the most powerful insight was the conclusion that Love is the opposite of Judgment. Let me help explain how we came to this conclusion, and why it is important. For many of us, we have [&hellip

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We’re Buckeyes: That’s What We Do

Posted on 19, September 2009

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After we all had our hearts ripped out on Saturday night, I was watching the interview of a young Matt Barkley and he made a statement that said everything. When they were asking him about the comeback drive at the end of the game, he simply said, “We are USC. That’s what we do.” Here is a new Freshman in his second game with USC, and he spoke such profound words of wisdom. I also believe that he and USC have the ability to make such a statement. It was made with integrity, and did not come at the expense of anyone else. In regards to my being a Buckeye, I had to stop and ask myself the question, “We are The Ohio State University. What do we do?”

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