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The Court of Public Opinion vs. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Posted on 22, April 2012

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Following the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman, almost everyone who is aware of the case has an opinion, and it is those opinions that have taken this story to a level of volatility that could become explosive. Trayvon’s death and the subsequent media swell around this has resulted in emotions on all sides of the war of public opinion being evoked and provoked. At this point, the controversy has taken on a life of its own, and the truth may likely have been lost.  Although charges have been filed against George Zimmerman, the underlying issues [&hellip

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The Parable of the Broken Egg, Part 3: Advertising Fun with Dick and Jane

Posted on 17, May 2011

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See Dick turn on the TV. See Jane sit down next to Dick. See Dick and Jane watch commercials. See Dick and Jane want everything they see. See Corporate America with $$ in their eyes, as they market adult items to the way too young. Have you noticed the moving target? Over the past decades, Corporate America has put their crosshairs on younger and younger kids. Advertising dollars are looking to gain lifetime consumers and brand loyalty, soon, out of the crib, by marketing everything from make-up to clothing to electronics and the latest move by Skechers to focus their [&hellip

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The Prophecy of the Broken Egg (Part 1: Nursery Crhymes)

Posted on 20, January 2011

in Category Imposter Syndrome, Integrity, Media, Society

Nursery Rhymes can be great teachers, and not just for kids. Many are not aware that the origins of many nursery rhymes were based in the monarchies when people did not have free speech and would create parodies of political situations hidden in the subtext. The great fact about many stories and parables is that they can be timeless, and so many of them are still apropos. So what can Humpty Dumpty teach us today? Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall How often do kids get in trouble for fibbing, manipulation of the truth or outright lies, and how serious [&hellip

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Your Body Is Not A Disneyland Part 8: The Morning After, or It’s Really Not You, but I’ve Gotta Go

Posted on 2, November 2010

in Category Integrity, Love, Media, sex, Society, Uncategorized

It has been a long road, but this will be the last post in my series about sex and how we treat our bodies, and just look where our fling has taken us. We started out in Part 1 with the sex talk, in Part 2 talked about love, Part 3 became lost in the throws of passion, Part 4 took a road trip with Vanessa in our guest post, had to stop and do our homework in Part 5, became distracted by the TV and media in Part 6, our real, feel, and ideal in Part 7, and now [&hellip

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Coming Out of the Dark (We Finally See the Light)

Posted on 17, October 2010

in Category Imposter Syndrome, Integrity, Media, Society, Victims

(I will return to Your Body Is Not a Disneyland in my next post.) What a truly inspiring week for the sum of humanity who witnessed the miraculous rescue of the Chilean miners. Whether one was involved personally or was riveted to the television, this event went a long way to redefining how we can all witness a news event as a positive outcome and challenge us to seek a more peaceful world. And my being an On-Air consultant to CNN Networks during their climb to earth was a once in a lifetime gift. Perhaps the most synchronous part was that [&hellip

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Your Body Is Not A Disneyland, Part 6: The Media Machine

Posted on 14, July 2010

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So, it’s been a few weeks, and I hope you did your homework that I provided in my last post. I, too, have continued to pay attention to what I have seen and the sexual innuendo on various media sites goes from the very subtle to the obvious. The question I have is, “How many of us actively look at this and discriminate the content we are viewing and how that content affects our attitudes, emotions and beliefs?” Even more, how does that content affect our kids? Get Slinky I would like to provide you with a few examples that [&hellip

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The Hang”OWN”ver

Posted on 1, July 2010

in Category Media, Society

Sorry for the divergence from “Your Body Is Not A Disneyland”. We will return to that in my next post. Stay tuned. I just finished the open audition for Your OWN Show and found it to be a very interesting experience. Mark Burnett (reality show guru) and Oprah Winfrey developed a reality show to have a competition for a talk show that a “Winner” of the competition would host on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). I am not much of a purveyor of many reality shows (I do like my American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance), and [&hellip

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Your Body Is Not A Disneyland Part 5: The Homework Assignment

Posted on 17, June 2010

in Category Media, sex, Society

I am going to take a side step before we continue on with the Media Machine. I would like to give you an assignment. Did you ever take a moment to think about how you learned to speak a language? Did you just wake up one day and start talking? No. Over time you were exposed to the language. You initially had no idea what people were saying, but as you grew older, you understood more and more and tried to speak. Your brain continued to develop and you understood more and more and learned to speak better and better. [&hellip

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Your Body Is Not A Disneyland (Part 2)

Posted on 9, March 2010

in Category Love, Media, Uncategorized

Welcome back. In my first installment, I discussed the nature of our relaxed attitudes toward sex. I feel that we are in a precarious position, and our children are in danger of suffering from our lack of self-respect. So let’s pick it up from here. What I always tell people is that even though we may have roots that connect us to the animal world, we also have a brain that functions at a higher level. The gift of our frontal lobe is that we can use our ability to reason to help manage our unavoidable more primal and animalistic [&hellip

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Let The Idols Fall Where They May…

Posted on 12, December 2009

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…And another one bites the dust. In the past few weeks another idol fell from Grace, and their humanness was exposed. Tiger Woods fell from the ranks of the untouchable. Please understand, I don’t say this in any sarcasm or disrespect to Tiger, I say it as an observation on a culture that creates idols out of humans that can only fall from grace. Whether or not it is the media, our desire for fame and sensationalism, or our tendency to hold people we admire up to unrealistic standards, I see the issues of our fallen idols as much of [&hellip

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