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Your Body Is Not A Disneyland (Part 1)

Posted on 26, February 2010

in Category Integrity, relationships

You don’t have to look too far today in our society to see that sex has overtaken many aspects of our culture. It is on the television, on the covers of many magazines, in almost every corner of the internet, and our children seem to be immersed in innuendo and direct sexual content. I would not call myself old-fashioned, nor would those who know me, but I feel that our culture’s attitudes and behaviors about sex are out of control, and we seem to be more and more desensitized the more we are exposed to this. I will say that [&hellip

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Let The Idols Fall Where They May…

Posted on 12, December 2009

in Category Idols, Imposter Syndrome, Integrity, Media, Society, Uncategorized

…And another one bites the dust. In the past few weeks another idol fell from Grace, and their humanness was exposed. Tiger Woods fell from the ranks of the untouchable. Please understand, I don’t say this in any sarcasm or disrespect to Tiger, I say it as an observation on a culture that creates idols out of humans that can only fall from grace. Whether or not it is the media, our desire for fame and sensationalism, or our tendency to hold people we admire up to unrealistic standards, I see the issues of our fallen idols as much of [&hellip

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