Erik A. Fisher, PhD.


Biographical Information

Licensed psychologist, author, media consultant, and public speaker Erik Fisher, Ph.D., aka Dr. E… has helped thousands of adults, children, families, and couples develop healthy life perspectives and relationships. Through his therapeutic approach, media appearances, public speaking, books, and articles, his message of truth, honor, integrity and personal empowerment is consistent. His intention and efforts are to practice what he teaches and better himself, as much as to encourage the betterment of those he guides.

Dr. E… currently runs a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been working with children as young as two to adults as old as 62. His approach involves helping others understand the inseparable relationship between perceptions of power and the emotions they evoke. As a result of his intuitive perspectives on human dynamics, he has been able to help individuals, couples, families and groups overcome a number of different issues and dynamics. He has worked with those with diagnoses ranging from Anxiety, Depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder to attention, learning and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, as well as other diagnostic issues. Dr E… is also committed to helping others interested in spiritual growth and development by helping clients see how life is mirroring back to them what they need to see in themselves.

Dr. Fisher’s current practices include innovative uses with hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, interaction analysis, educational tools, visual imagery, play therapy, outdoor therapy, and spiritual therapy. He is often best known in his field for helping those who have not found success or results with other therapeutic approaches, and has even worked with other therapists on helping them grow as individuals and in their field of practice.

His experience, professionalism, and keen insights into people and society have earned him multiple guest television contributor spots on CNN, NBC, and FOX, along with radio spots on CBS, Westwood One, and other national and regional radio networks. It has been the universal nature of his theories that have also allowed him to be a resource for a wide variety of print publications, including Psychology Today, Parents, Parenting, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Real Fighter, as well as major newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal, Hartford Current, Orlando Sentinel, The Sun, and Plain Dealer, to name a few. When asked why he can paint such a broad brush with his theories, he states, “It is understanding why we use emotions and what their purposes are that is most important in understanding human dynamics.” Dr. E… is also a resource and prolific writer for several Websites, including:,,,,,,,,, and

Dr. E… loves a crowd and is no stranger to public speaking. For two decades, he has been engaging groups with his wit and insights. Whether it is speaking to educators, parents, business professionals, colleagues, college students or kids, he meets his audience where they are to help guide them to a better place of understanding. From hour-long talks to three-day workshops, Dr. Fisher has spoken on a number of topics.

As interested as he is in the development and growth of his clients, Dr. E… is just as interested in the development and growth of his community. For a decade, Dr. E… was on the Board and two of those years was the CEO for the Board of Directors of the Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett, a non-profit organization providing educational and therapeutic services to families of children with a wide range of disabilities.

Dr. Fisher received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Ohio State University. He then continued his graduate studies at the University of South Florida, where he conducted in-depth research on the psychological development of body image, a precursor to eating disorders. While pursuing his Ph.D. in clinical psychology, he obtained a minor in sports psychology.

After graduation, Dr. Fisher and a fellow colleague developed a program designed to identify the immediate needs and unique perspectives of individuals and their families with ADD, a program known as The ADDvantage Program. Focusing on the strengths of ADD, he was able to empower many children and adults who otherwise felt they were doomed to lives of perceived mediocrity and failure, when it was simply a matter of helping them to reassess their skills and strengths.

At the urging of his patients, Dr. Fisher now writes books that detail various obstacles and opportunities and the solutions needed to mend and pursue them. His latest book, The Art of Empowered Parenting: The Manual You Wish Your Kids Came With (Ovation Books), explains the importance of equity-based parenting for raising healthy and happy children, and outlines the advantages of this approach over the more traditional “hierarchically-based” family model. Temperament, attachment, non-traditional family models, verbal and non-verbal communication, and family counseling options are just a few of the topics Dr. Fisher details in his book.

Dr. E…’s ultimate goals are to speak and teach around the world – to bring his message of power, empowerment, emotion, and the human spirit to every corner of the globe. Through his therapy, media appearances, articles, books and talks, he seeks to leave this world in a better place than it was when he arrived.